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Cole Wyatt Davis saved him from going under when all hope was lost”.

Cole Wyatt Davis Saves Seattle, Washington Businessman From Going Under

Seattle, Washington businessman Kurt Cook says, “The Breaking Free World Tour lead by Cole Wyatt Davis saved him from going under when all hope was lost”.

Aug 12, 2012 – Seattle, Washington Businessman Saves His Company in the nick of time he tells all his friends on Facebook. Seattle, Washington businessman Kurt Cook says, “The Breaking Free World Tour led by Cole Wyatt Davis at inspired him to give it one last try to turn his business around when all hope was lost”. I have been fighting the good fight to keep my company’s doors open for almost three years now with no sign of relief in sight. I have read all kinds of books like Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t by Jim Collins, Built To Last, The Practice of Management, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Inc and Grow Rich, and The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, they were good but the practical and applied knowledge I gained from it was not making a major difference.

I went through all my company’s savings, credit cards and my personal savings while trying to pay my bills, payroll and taxes until there was nothing left. All of the stress has even taken a major toll on my health.

The following Saturday the banks were giving me foreclosure papers, a type of formal eviction notice where my business resides, because I cannot keep up with the payments anymore, business is just too darn slow.

My friend was telling me about Mr. Davis and The Breaking Free World Tour. He said he got two tickets and would like me to go, but I was reluctant. I made a decision to go anyway, I figured what did I have to lose.

So I went there with a heavy heart knowing what I was up against in business. I felt it might be a waste of my time to even be there that night. I was thinking I should just file bankruptcy and just get it over with and let it all go including my 48 employees. The nice part of that would be the pain of it all would be over. It happens every day in America. I’ve just got to face the facts, the numbers just don’t add up. What was I going to do? I was just so on the fence about the next step in my life, was I to go home and tell my wife and kids we have lost it all?

So I made a decision to go, and when I got there that night at the speaking engagement it was bigger than I thought. It was a medium size venue in Seattle, Washington where the parking lot was full of cars as far as I could see. So we pulled up and found a parking spot and then went to find our seats. As we got to our seats I was sitting down and looking around about 10 minutes before it was supposed to start. All the seats were full and there was standing room only. I believe there were over 400 people in the audience. Then the event started I was waiting for all the smoke and mirrors trying to sell me this or that which, I have seen before at other seminars. I thought to myself go ahead I don’t have any money anyway. Right out of the gate that is not what happened at all. Cole just walked right out on stage with a chair, a microphone and a glass of water. He sat down in front of the crowd on the stage and smiled. He just seemed to be a normal guy but he was sharply dressed. He looked middle aged just like me, nothing special, just a workingman. At first I was really puzzled. What am I even doing here, and what could this guy teach me? That is when it hit me like a rock, just minutes after Mr. Davis was speaking, I could hear a wonderful caring businessman that had his own ups and downs in life just like me. He talked about the struggles and the learning curves that had cost him everything in his life at times. The obstacles he had gone though in his career when all hope was lost. He talked about his wife and kids and their medical challenges. You could tell he knew what he was talking about. There were a couple of men in the audience with MBAs challenging him but, Cole came right out with facts, figures, history and examples. They could not dispute that it was not true. They even admitted he was right. The hours flew by like they were minutes. He was taking business questions fast and furiously from the crowd about where they were in their business journey, and how would he resolve it if it was him. The crowd was asking questions I never had even thought of asking before. I was in awe over how Cole was handling the crowd’s questions. H e was insightful and extremely creative. He would not move on to the next question until that person’s question was answered in full. Then before too long, the night was over. It happened so fast I did not want it to end. I made up my mind to make my way up to Mr. Davis through the layers of people. After about 20 minutes he had time to talk to me. I only asked Cole one question. I looked him in the eyes and said, “I need your help I am losing everything will you help me?” I have no money and am going to lose everything I have ever worked for. Mr. Davis replied.” I promise you I will listen to what is going on with you tomorrow morning right after breakfast. I replied, “tomorrow?” He said there was no time to lose and I have a couple hours in the morning before I head out. The next morning I met Cole at my business and showed him around. He was so fast and to the point with his questions, he cut through layers in minutes. In less than a few hours a plan was formed with process and steps to keep my business alive. I told him I had no money to pay him for his time. He just shook my hand, smiled and walked out saying nothing. I have put these steps in place and saved my company in just the nick of time.

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