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Investors – is a book on how to find investors for your project or business idea.

Cole Wyatt Davis  has a wealth of knowledge, and resources behind them. From the Business start–up point of views, corporate structures, investors, sales marketing, and the list goes on. They also have worked with companies that are already doing business, and just want to expand their market share. Cole is a lot like a diamond. It is a very multi-faceted company with a lot of brilliant people. Cole and his team  uses cutting edge technologies and dynamic ways of seeing what the trends of the market are going to do.

Cole Wyatt Davis is the author of several books “Business Road Map”, “The Brand and Me”, “Mastering Business part 1”, “Mastering Business Part 2”, “Professional Negotiator”, “Investors”, “Business First Aid”, “Business Critical Surgery”, “Selling Your Ideas”, “Protecting Your Ideas”, “Distribution”, “Analyzing A Business”, “Investors – How to find them”, “It’s a secret – Money Tree”, “Life After Business”, and “Cole Wyatt Davis Story”. Cole Wyatt Davis has received over 345 awards over his lifetime in business and the number is still climbing. He is an award winning international businessman, keynote speaker, Author, Motivational and Inspirational speaker. He was a CEO for the past 25 years contracting millions in gross sales a year for just one company. His branding marketing skills has gotten him international recognition. He has millions of dollars worth of working business knowledge that was poured into these books. Cole’s greatest goal is that nobody would have to go through what he did to gain the knowledge.


BOOK REVIEWS/ Just a few.
I just wanted to say thank you. This book has saved me several of thousands of dollars on setting up my new company just by showing me the proper ways to understand business.


Tina C.

San Francisco, California

I bought this book and was very skeptical, but now I am totally impressed with the knowledge it contains.

Peter L.

Dallas, Texas

This book gave me the confidence I needed to start my own business. I now have been in business for 12 months and I am doing great thanks to this book.

Suzy R.

Atlanta, Georgia

Wow, This was a great insight on how to be successful and most of all profitable in business today.


Tom F.

Boise, Idaho

I almost lost my company until I read this book. Now it got me back on track, and it is the best thing I have ever read in business. It taught me a lot about myself. I bought six more books for my family. Your Customer forever.

Becky M.

Dayton, Ohio

3. Professional Negotiator

I love this book it has helped me get the raise I have deserved for over16 years. I have tried everything else nothing worked. This book helped get me get a $12,000 dollar a year increase in my salary at my current job.


David S.

Seattle, Washington

Professional Negotiator helped me negotiate a multi-million dollar contract. I would have not gotten if I did not apply these principals I learned in this book. I would recommend it to everyone I know. It could be used so many different ways in life to help someone.

Jim C.

Washington, D.C

I bought this book to help me understand how to negotiate to buy this expensive home I fell in love with when I first saw it. The book worked incredibly well. I was amazed at how simple it worked once I understood what I was reading. It is well worth the money. I bought three more books and sent them to my family members. 
Thank you for writing this,

Terry L.

Manhattan, New York

4. Analyzing a Business

This book helped me to sell my company for the max value I could get. It worked great. I picked up an extra $236,000 I would not have gotten without this book. It made a huge difference in my life.

Kathy S.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I purchased this educational tool to buy a company. It really educated me on what I needed to know so I wouldn’t get taken advantage of. This helped keep everyone honest around me. I now own my own company, and doing very well for myself. I feel that it was a great part of my success buying this book. The information was very powerful in it.

Karen G.

Phoenix, Arizona

I bought a company and the first months I owned it I lost money. I thought it was me, but what I found out was by buying this book it showed me how they took advantage of me. I hired an attorney and got back my $95,000.

You saved me big time. You have a customer for life.

Terry S.

San Francisco, California

5. Distribution

Distribution is a great book it really helped me figure out what the next steps were for my company. I own an import export business and it has grown over 30% in the last three months due to information in this book. This was huge and it was great. I bought a couple of these books for my friends.

Gail B.

Atlanta, Georgia

I work trade shows and I travel a lot. This book is incredible. It really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities in business. It is well worth the money.

Sam J.

Portland, Oregon

This book is exactly what the doctor order. This is great insight on several ways to set up a distribution system.

Thank you very much.

Tommy D.

Nashville, Tennessee

Protect your Ideas. This is the best book ever. It saved and made me money all at the same time by protecting my ideas from everyone including my attorney.

Lee M.

Newport Beach, California

I have a crazy invention that works and I sold it. I know the people I sold my invention to looked every way they could to steal it from me first. This book really saved me thank you. I would highly recommend to people.

Paul L.

St Paul, Minnesota

I never knew it was that simple you saved me big time. This was awesome I think it kicks butt.

Todd S.

Seattle, Washington

Selling your Ideas 
I just sold my idea and got a check and there are more checks coming in on a simple idea. I bought both your books protect it and sell it. My first check was for $103,897.45 not bad for a 29 year old.

Kirk L.

New York City, New York

My name is Tina Marie I bought this book to sell my ideas. My family said no, but I did it any way. I sold my first idea for $6,873.90. My family all wants the book now. How funny is that,

Tina M.

Miami Beach, Florida

This book selling your ideas just made my family and me $187,689.00. It really helped us understand how to do it. We had over three years of our life in this project and $45,000 of our hard earned families money in it as well. I can never thank you enough.

Sally M.

Kansas City, Missouri

Business first Aid 
I have never read a book that made that big of an impact in our business, and our personal life until now. I have never seen anything like this before. It really helped us through some difficult times that easily could have gotten worse without the right tools. I am so glad I bought your book Business First Aid. You have a client for life.

Bobby W.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

That was an amazing Book. Business First Aid WOW! I am a seasoned businesswomen and very successful at what I do. I really felt it captured what you were trying to accomplish. How you did not hold anything back. It was truly an incredible book. I am sure a lot of people’s personal, and business lives would benefit from this book. I know someday it will become a best seller that’s my gut feeling.

Glory D.

San Diego, California

Business First Aid really let me know how much I really did not know about how to correct our problem in business. It contains the knowledge to be more successful in our company decision making when there is money on the line and times get hard. Trent M.

Palm Springs, California

Business Critical Surgery 
I bought this book not knowing what to expect. I am a CEO of a company and I will tell you what I found through the information that was in here. I was able to save millions for our company and from going under and closing its doors permanently. We would have had to let go of about 64 people. This book stirred something up inside me, and helped guide me to make the hard calls. I am letting my old council go. I got a different direction with a new plan and it’s working out great.

Jim C.

Beverly Hills, California

This book saved my business life, and my personal life as well. I could never thank you enough for writing this book. Our backs were against the wall and we didn’t know what to do. The book really helped us understand how to get out of the trouble we were in. We spent thousands of dollars on attorney fees and other professional help. You saved 196 jobs by us not closing our company. I want to purchase all your books on business as soon as possible. We will always be grateful.

Mary B.

Denver, Colorado